Saleban Farah

Saleban Farah

Road Supervisor

“I can testify that Transit Team’s drivers are the best in the paratransit business. They perform their daily duties diligently, and with professionalism. I am very happy when our passengers inform me how happy they are to have Metro Mobility service…especially when they mention our great Transit Team drivers!”

Saleban Farah, Road Supervisor

Saleban Farah spends his days out in the field to make sure each Transit Team driver is upholding the values of the company, as well as providing the safest rides possible to our passengers. He has been in the paratransit business since 1998, when he started as a driver in Washington State. Before moving to Minnesota, he also gained valuable experience as a trainer and safety supervisor. Saleban brought his experience to Transit Team in 2004 and has been irreplaceable ever since.


Saleban attended university in Mogadishu, Somalia.