Troy Fregine

Troy Fregine

Director of Vehicle

“All of the buses we service transport our mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.  This is why we care about the safety and reliability of our vehicles.”

Troy Fregine, Director of Vehicle Maintenance

Director of Vehicle Maintenance
(612) 332-3323, ext. 708

Troy Fregine brings more than 20 years of vehicle maintenance experience to Transit Team.  His previous experience includes 18 years as a heavy truck and diesel repair technician, as well as a service manager at Northwest Trucks, Inc. in Ellsworth, WI.   Prior to that, Fregine spent two years as a service advisor at Hillcrest Motors, Inc. in Baldwin, WI.  His deep understanding of vehicle maintenance and management experience is an asset to Transit Team.  Fregine is responsible for the direct supervision of all mechanics and compliance with MNDOT regulations and maintenance requirements of all contracts.